About Me and this Site

This blog has existed — on and off — in one form or another since 2002, when I was building sites with Movable Type . The blog has gone through extended periods of dormancy for various reasons. At some point along the way, I relaunched the blog on the WordPress platform, and I’ve stayed here ever since.

Who am I? By day, I’m the program director for AM 560 The Answer and AM 1160, the former is a new/talk station and the latter is a Christian tech and talk. Both stations are located in Chicago and are owned by the Salem Media Group. I spend most of my time coaching talent, working with producers to create on-air content, producing creative imaging, developing new strategies to grow and maintain audiences, and collaborating with our sales and marketing teams to create and enhance revenue streams. I’m also a husband and a father.

What’s the blog about? One of my core beliefs, having worked in media for nearly twenty years now, is that we’ve become seduced by the notion that every issue only has two sides. As such, we are forced — and we force others — to choose one of those sides and defend it to the death. This doesn’t make for constructive, civil discourse. I truly believe that we need more and deeper dialogue about issues, with more voices, not fewer. That’s what I hope to foster and encourage here.

As you might expect, there’s a lot of politics on the blog. I consider myself a “contrarian conservative” insomuch as I often find myself questioning a lot of the prevailing wisdom within conservative circles. I don’t like to think of myself as a stereotypical conservative, but I suppose that’s for you to decide.

I also am very interested in technology and the way it effects everyday life, particularly through digital and mobile platforms.

You’ll also see a lot of posts and links on this blog about faith and theology, which are also big parts of my life. I’m fascinated by the shifts we’re seeing within Christianity as faith communities wrestle with the challenges of postmodernism.